H-4140 GeoGauge
Soil Compaction Control via In-place Stiffness and Modulus


The GeoGauge is the only hand portable gauge available to provide the required simplicity, quickness and precision to directly measure and monitor the in-place engineering properties and do so at construction speed. The GeoGauge applies a constant load vibrating force to the soil’s surface and measures the resulting displacement. This dynamic technology simulates actual in-use conditions. One instrument to link design specifications with compaction in 75 seconds for enhanced QC/QA. The GeoGauge supports, links and advances soil compaction process with Mechanistic Design and performance specifications. Soil and other materials are compacted to create a functional structure with the desired engineering properties for the application and life intended.

Applications include subgrade, subbase, base, monitoring the strength gain of lime, cement, fly-ash and polymer stabilized materials, monitoring the re-compacting of underground utility backfills to previous properties or to match surrounding undisturbed materials, monitoring the compaction of asphalt and cold in-place recycling to peak properties to prevent wasted effort and damaging over-compaction.


 Young’s Modulus
 Measure Depth
 Measure Duration
 Net Weight

 Shipping Weight


17 to 400 klbf/in (3 to 70 MN/m)
4 to 90 kpsi (26 to 610 MPa) 
9 to 12 inches (230 to 310 mm) 
75 seconds
Six D-Cell Batteries 
(500 to 1500 measurements) Transit/Carrying Case, 
Batteries & Manual
Gauge Only: 11" dia. x 10.5" high (280 mm x 270 mm)
 With Case: 18.5" x 16.5" x 13" (470 x 420 x 330 mm)
Gauge Only: 22 lbs. (10 kg)
With Case: 34 lbs. (15.5 kg) 39 lbs. (17.7 kg)

Specifications may change without notice

Patent Pending


The GeoGauge is the advanced soil compaction process control instrument that enables construction of higher quality and lower cost roadways and highways. Pavement components and layers can now be compacted to relevant engineering properties taken directly from design. Compacting and monitoring the soil directly to design’s requirement of structural stiffness or material modulus during the actual process establishes the means to effectively control structural uniformity, strength and deflection, as well as enabling the monitoring and control of the construction quality of various materials. This leads to longer lasting products that cost less to build and maintain.

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