What is Poster Presentation?

A poster is a visual medium that you use to communicate a key idea related to your research: it presents that idea in verbal and graphic ways. Unlike an oral presentation, a poster does (most) of your talking for you: it should stand on it’s own, and be self-explanatory.

Why Present a Poster/Exhibition?

There are several advantages to presenting a poster and/or exhibition

· Posters (and sometime exhibitions) can be viewed throughout the forum, as well as at poster/exhibition sessions.

· Viewers can “absorb” the presentation in their own time/way.

· You can discuss your research at length with viewers on a one-to-one basis and receive detailed feedback.

Think about your poster, not only as a dramatic presentation of your ideas, but also as an “advertisement” of your research, and a wonderful opportunity to “network.”

The “Key” to a Successful Poster/Exhibition Presentation

Identify the key concept you want to communicate!

· Ask yourself what is the research question that generates your poster. Write out “answers” to that question, again and again, until you find a concise statement (aim for 10-15 word) that “captures” your central idea.

· Call on your supervisor and/or colleagues to help you with this critical first step.

The important point here is that a poster should condense your central idea so that your audience can grasp its overall message at the outset at a glance, and then be able to follow the poster’s text and graphics to understand the idea more fully. Having a well focused concise poster proposition will also help you find concise ways of starting your three or four points of explanation of the argument - see the following section).

Now you are ready to plan your poster.

Possible Structures for the “Story” You Tell in Your Poster.

Your poster should present a well-focused argument that explains its central idea. That is, the poster should “tell a story” via its text and graphics. There are two main options here regarding the story you tell:

1. Your poster’s can give an overview of your research project. In this case, the elements of your poster should:

· List the presentation’s title, the author, and the author’s School/University.

· Explain the research question, its context, and the poster’s central message.

· Indicate the critical methodologies of research.

· Reports the results of the research so far.

· Draw conclusions from those results; or describe the significance of the research, or further work to be done, etc.

Don’t forget the power of graphics.

2. Your poster’s structure can present an argument related to your research-that is, its structure may echo a paper presentation. In this case, the elements of your poster should:

· Indicate the topic, context, research question, and central idea (thesis) of the poster.

· Present about three ideas that explain/defend the central idea.

· Conclude by placing your presentation in a wider context (of your on-going research, of the significance of your research, etc.).

Again, don’t forget the power of graphics.

Know the Physical Constraints of Your Presentation.

You will be provided with a poster (peg) board whose dimensions are about 1m2. On the registration form you can order 1, 2 or 3 boards according to the amount or size of the material you want to display.

Design Tips

Use a font that is readable.

· Remember your poster should be readable from 1-1.5 metre, so use a font size that is large enough - at the very least

18 pt for the text

“A picture is worth a thousand words…”

· Drawings, diagrams, illustrations, photographs should be labeled.

Labels should be large and clear enough so that they are legible from a distance.

A final checklist

□  Is the purpose of the poster clear to the reader?

□  Is it easy for the eye to follow the sequence?

□  s it communicated clearly and effectively with the reader?

□  What is its visual impact?

□  Is there an appropriate variety of and balance of visual techniques?

□  Is there a consistency of style?

□  What is the overall technical standard?

□  Is the poster novel/creative?


Enjoy making and presenting your poster!!!

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